Sell Photographs Online

Photographers are often most comfortable with a camera between themselves and their subjects. We are often not sales people by nature, and given the personal nature of the objects for sale, the critique and negotiation inherent in selling photography can be uncomfortable to deal with. One method many photographers are turning to in order to maximize sales, while minimizing the time spent making sales, is to sell photographs online. There are three major types of online photo sales, each with distinct differences in the method of selling the photos online:

One common thread when it comes time to sell photographs online are that you have to a) display the photos beautifully with an online photo proofing or gallery service, and b) you have to get clients to these galleries to view your photos. Marketing and the marketplace are both key, and there are different strategies for each of these types of photographers.

Professional photographers know that photo sales can make or break your photography business. One of the most inexpensive ways to gain a widespread audience for your art is online.

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